Zus Health
Accelerating Digital Health

Athena Health founder and former CEO Jonathan Bush has launched ZUS Health, a groundbreaking medical IT startup that promises to accomplish what has eluded the government for more than two decades: a unified, universal medical records system.
Zus is a shared development platform where health care companies can build digital tools, view and share health records, and ultimately even to treat patients. Described as a Lego kit for digital health care companies, ZUS brings “Build-Your-Own EMR” technology to the industry at exactly the right time, as new federal rules give patients unprecedented access to their health data, and the demand grows for a technology that can deliver it.
The challenge was to create a brand identity that conveys the fire-starting role the company plans to play in the digital health care world.
We started with a sans serif font and dark green and gold color palette for the logotype itself. It’s a classic combination that is bold and striking in its simplicity, well-suited to a company named for Greek mythology’s most powerful god.
The clean diagonal line of the green letter Z provides a natural access point for the modernistic, stylized image of Zus’ gold lightning bolt. The gold icon also sets apart the letters “US,” creating a subliminal statement within the wordmark that ZUS Health is ultimately about us, the patient and consumer. The interaction between the black wordmark and iconic gold brandmark energizes and animates the entire design.
The result is a powerful, dynamic visual symbol for a brand that is positioning itself as both the lightning bolt of inspiration and innovation…and the lightning rod that will channel that energy into the new tools and services needed to revolutionize the industry.
Zus Health is sparking a fire in the world of digital health care technology.
A big thank you to Pencil Worx for their
work on the Zus Health brand identity.

If you're looking for a truly brilliant creative
mind with a sharp eye for detail, you're in luck.

Jonathan Bush,
Chief Executive Officer
Zus Health

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