Life is Better Here

Vetcor began in 1997 as a network of community-based veterinary practices designed to support the people who take care of our pets. Today the Vetcor family remains firmly committed to its vision of supporting and preserving community-based, locally-managed veterinary practices. Network members gain long-term stability and opportunities for continuing education and career growth, as well as access to resources and the chance to collaborate with colleagues around the country. The result is excellent care and service for the people and pets they serve.

Now, after more than a quarter century’s success in building a network of 800+ practices, Vetcor is ready to move forward into an even stronger and more dynamic future that will increase its reach, offering even more benefits for its growing family of veterinary professionals.
A major rebranding launch will signal this revitalized vision and highlight Vetcor’s unique identity as a trusted partner to the people who care for our pets, leading the way to the future of veterinary care.
We started the rebranding process by embracing the company’s core message: “Life is Better Here.” We knew this approachable, plainspoken sentiment was the key to creating a vibrant and welcoming identity with a pet-centric theme.

Inspired by the waggle of a friendly tail, the logotype captures the essence of pet companionship. The tail flourish on the lowercase “v” is a playful nod to the joyful interaction between pets and their owners. It symbolizes a warm welcome and sets the tone for a brand that values the inherent happiness and fulfillment that pets bring to our lives.
The all-lowercase wordmark is the simple, straightforward signature of a company with the stature and confidence to cultivate a casual, friendly image. The lower-case letters project approachability, inviting customers to engage and connect with the brand on a personal level.
We employed subtle but strategic design elements to further distance the brand from any corporate or institutional feel.  By minimizing “Cor” within the wordmark, the visual image immediately communicates that the brand focuses on veterinary care, not the corporate identity.
The vibrant palette is centered on a bright green hue that evokes the sight and smell of fresh-cut grass, with the secondary palette adding sunshine and sky to the well-loved scene of pets and their people playing on the lawn.
The tail flourish can also be cropped as a supergraphic that combines with the secondary color palette to create a fun, playful background that adds depth and visual movement to coordinated marketing materials.
Throughout our collaborative journey, the client demonstrated an unwavering commitment to reimagining their brand as the epitome of a pet-centric company.
The result is a new and freshly vibrant identity that promises to shine amidst a crowded marketplace and create a meaningful and lasting impression based on the simple, heartwarming message that “Life is Better Here.”
“This is a bold step in Vetcor’s journey – and will help us get recognized for our dedication to exceptional pet care, with a spirited touch resonating among the veterinary community and four-legged companions.”
Heather Bern, Chief Marketing Officer

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