The Ultimate MMA Base
Mixed Martial Arts
A lifelong martial arts journey led athletes Mark Hobbs of the UK and Brazilian Ricardo da Silva on individual quests across the globe in search of the ultimate meld of focus and form for combat sports.
Those separate journeys eventually led them each to the world of mixed martial arts, where their individual mastery of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo was merged with extensive experience in Thai Boxing, Boxing, Wrestling and Grappling. As renowned trainers and coaches, the pair are at the epicenter of the international MMA industry.
Now, these two masters have combined their 40+ years of experience to create something entirely unique in their field: an online space where both beginners and world class fighters can find all the mechanics and principles necessary to compete in the intense arena of mixed martial arts—the Ultimate MMA Base.
But they also envision Ultimate MMA Base as much more than a resource for information:
they see it as a way to expand the community they have nurtured in their real-world training camps, and to enhance personal growth through discipline, self-awareness and respect.
Our task was to capture the power and energy of this radical, full-contact sport and at the same time to convey the bold, aggressive authority of Ultimate MMA Base as a groundbreaking new brand based on a vision of fellowship melded with athleticism.
At its heart, the new logo immediately conjures up the image of the cage fighting arena used in professional MMA competition. The lines within mimic the movement, speed, and thrust of the fighters’ limbs.
The overall shape also evokes the concept of a base: a foundational place where like-minded individuals can gather and the young are nurtured and developed in a genuine community that welcomes all. The heavily weighted sans serif font reinforces an image of rocklike, unshakable strength and stability.
The choice of a bold black and red color palette is unmistakable and unambiguous. Red is the traditional color of power and passion. Its emotional intensity demands attention. By using gradients of this same primal red, we can modernize and energize its effect throughout the visual system. The result is a bold, dynamic identity that will carry the brand into the future across a wide spectrum of uses as the team continues to grow and develop their business model.
I was floored by how well Pencil Worx captured the true spirit of Ultimate MMA Base. The MMA team loves the new identity.
Mark Hobbs, Founder & Head Instructor

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