Light it up
Sparkfire was a brand consultancy that helped companies uncover their greatness and bring it to life through their brand. As they added Executive, Leadership and Personal Coaching to their suite of services, they needed to evolve the look and feel of their own brand to capture the broader scope of services and audiences.

The new look needed to be simultaneously approachable, professional and premium. The typeface we selected leveraged round, welcoming, human forms – a nod to the deeply personal work of coaching. We were careful to avoid visual cliché’s around the “spark,” creating a subtle nod in the “k” letterform. The vibrant pinks and oranges further brought forward that sense of vibrancy, energy and excitement delivered in coaching and branding.

“Our name is all about lighting a spark for companies and individuals. Pencil Worx did an amazing job bringing that to life in a way that worked perfectly for our diverse audiences.”

Hilary Folger, Founder & CEO
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