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PatientGenie is a newly founded digital marketing management platform for healthcare designed to match healthcare consumers with providers. The platform enables healthcare providers to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers through common browsers, social media, and secure messaging apps.
The new company needed a brand identity to match today’s more sophisticated digital healthcare community, which would help set it apart from the competition with its user-friendly, humanistic approach.
We began by moving away from the obvious visual cues that spring to mind with the name PatientGenie, but at the same time conjuring some of the friendly whimsy inherent in the name.
The resulting icon is a graphic reinterpretation of the classic Genie swooshing up from the lamp, reinforced by a royal purple palette that is fresh and distinctive within the industry. The holding shape is a reconfigured speech bubble that directly references the dynamic provider-consumer conversations at the foundation of the platform. The shape itself is very distinctive and can be used to help build brand recognition over time.
The logotype is friendly but bold and confident, using a lowercase font style with a universal weight to ground the name. You can also see the letters p, g, and i within the iconic shape, with balance and symmetry created by the dot of the i and the circle inside the g. The icon can be leveraged to even greater advantage as the g within the spelled-out name.
The result is a dynamic, distinctive logo that offers versatility and creativity in the many ways it can be used to build brand identity, aptly suited for a company on the cusp of actualization.
It was a privilege to work with Pencil Worx.
The expertise, professionalism, and creativity blew us away.

Alex Zoller, Chief Production Officer & Co-Founder

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