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Overlander.com is a popular online source for motorized adventure travel gear.

Overlanding is a new buzzword to describe self-reliant off-road travel to remote destinations, where the journey is the principal goal. It’s a kissing cousin to the more familiar outdoor sport of off-roading. But while off-roaders focus mainly on the power and performance of their highly modified vehicles for use in designated 4x4 areas, Overlanders are focused on the journey itself. Their vehicles are meant to travel long distances over vastly changing terrain and often serve as a home on wheels capable of providing comfort and shelter over extended periods of time.
Overlander.com was founded by a group of enthusiasts who have taken their decade’s worth of firsthand experience to build a selection of performance-tested overland gear, from tow straps to roof tents and beyond.
With the recent explosion of popularity in the sport, the company wanted a brand overhaul to keep it on top of its game and leading the pack in the Overlanding market.
We started by refining and redesigning the Overlander symbol. While bear imagery is a familiar icon for outdoor brands, the depictions are typically rustic and realistic, harkening to the past. We developed a strong graphical interpretation of a bear. The result is an iconic symbol that will stand the test of time, well-suited to a modern, tech-savvy brand.
The sharply delineated bear represents the strength and stamina of the powerful vehicles used in rugged overland travel. The open angles evoke rocky, mountainous terrain, while the bold linear lines can also be perceived as lines on a map.

The visual system incorporates a graphic line treatment to reinforce the idea of travel routes that give the communications material a unique look and feel. The bear’s eastward heading and forward motion is an intentional nod to Overlander’s growing global footprint.
The combination of the earthy greens and browns are natural choices to evoke wilderness adventure, the scent of pine in the open air, and the warmth of a campfire close to your tent. It’s a palette that resonates well with the Overlanding crowd.
We created a bold, confident wordmark to compliment the style and strength of the bear. The result is a brand identity that captures the company’s adventurous outdoor spirit and innovative energy.
Thanks for your help in getting the Overlander identity where it is today.
It sure is iconic and will only grow from here!

Mark Bickenbach, CEO & Co-Founder

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