Morris 4x4 Center
Enhance your off-road driving experience

Morris 4x4 Center is a leading e-commerce destination for Jeep and 4x4 enthusiasts looking to outfit and enhance their driving experience.
From its start as a Jeep restoration and export company housed in a single-bay garage, Morris 4x4 Center has grown into a global distributor of Jeep parts and accessories. Its 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse offers over 40,000 products across top brands, with passionate experts providing superior customer service.
The typical 4x4 owner was predominantly seen as an American working-class white male in the past. After 25 years and over a million orders fulfilled, that audience has grown and expanded to include every demographic.
Accordingly, the brand is moving forward with new customer-centric initiatives to better serve and connect all outdoor and 4x4 enthusiasts with great products and service. The company is now seeking to reinvent its brand image to match its global reach.
As part of the company’s revitalization process, the strategy was to modernize the brand by shedding its outdated look and replacing it with a brighter, more dynamic design akin to contemporary big-name outdoor brands that evoke the newer, more inclusive aesthetic. The visual shift works on an immediate, subliminal level to subtly transform the brand’s identity and align it with other iconic outdoor brands.
The rebrand is straightforward in its design yet able to evoke a vast array of imagery to appeal to the new, wider audience.  The symbol represents two mountains cut by a valley path. It can also be seen as a jeep’s tire track indented in the mud or the obstacles on an off-road course. All are powerful symbols of adventure with a gritty vibe that speaks directly to vehicles built to conquer rugged terrain.
The bold, confident typography continues the theme with thick, straightforward, no-frills lines. The bright red color has been associated with the brand identity since 1991. It’s a vibrant, exciting hue that signifies strength, power, and courage: elements that resonate well with the brand’s target audience of outdoor enthusiasts.
The result is a friendlier, fresher, more energetic brand ready to assume a powerful position on the global stage.
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