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The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to empowering those with spinal cord injuries to lead active, engaged lives. KBF provides grants for adaptive sports equipment and helps connect people with the training, resources, and community they need to get out and pursue their dreams.
It all began back in 2006, when college athlete Kelly Brush suffered a spinal cord injury during an Alpine ski race. Through sheer grit and determination, she eventually returned to the slopes on a mono-ski and is now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with two young daughters, who continues to live a full and active life with husband Zeke—skiing, cycling, golfing, surfing and playing tennis.
Today, the nonprofit founded by Kelly and her family work tirelessly to bring those same possibilities to everyone facing a life-changing spinal cord injury. But after more than a decade, the KBF brand was ready for a much-needed identity refresh that would fully personify the endless spirit, energy, and enthusiasm that drives this passionate team of doers. It was time for a new brand image as bold and exciting as the mission itself, powering them forward into the future.
Pencil Worx, Creative Director, Sam Ayling has a very personal connection and commitment to this project. In 2017, close friend and former running club mate Edie Perkins suffered a spinal cord injury when she was struck by a car while riding her bike. With undaunted courage and humor, Edie fought her way back through rehab and is now a competitive hand-cyclist and avid marathoner.  She is committed to helping others overcome the challenges she herself knows only too well and is living proof of the power of adaptive sports to help people on their journey to full recovery.
Edie joined KBF as its Executive Director in January 2021. For Sam, working with Edie to create a dynamic new identity for KBF has been an inspiration and motivator for his own life and career.
The new-look begins with a bright yellow and blue palette in the colors of the sun and sky—the visual embodiment of hope and limitless possibility. The circular symbol surrounding the logotype creates a sense of motion and energy, coming full circle on the path to recovery. The encircled “b” forms the image of a wheelchair, the most basic and empowering of all adaptive sports equipment for those with SCIs.
A secondary circle graphic further activates the brand and references the freedom of the trails, pathways, and ski tracks, leading to new adventures along the road to recovery.
The new typeface is modern and gender-neutral, with sublet spacing within the letterforms, adding a dynamic, active power. The result is an overall design that can be readily embraced by all genders and ages and is ideal for performance sportswear and athletic events where it will most often be seen.  It is a symbol filled with athleticism and positivity, one that will hopefully propel the Kelly Brush Foundation forward into a future filled with possibility.
The new design elements will be used to build out all of the Foundation’s future event graphics, including feather flags, event canopies, and related marketing and communications materials.
Pencil Worx is also proud to announce that we are currently working on the main sponsorship event graphics and cycling jersey for the 2021 Kelly Brush RIDE, to be held on Sept. 11 at Middlebury College, with an entirely virtual option also available. Registration will open at the end of May!
Pencil Worx did so much more for us than simply develop a new brand identity: They were able to shine a light on all that drives us, and helped us see more clearly who we are, where we came from, and where we want to go. We started as a family foundation and are now stepping out onto the national stage of organizations promoting adaptive sports and an active lifestyle. We are a small but mighty nonprofit that’s ready to grow fast and scale our impact.
Sam Ayling captured all of that to transform our look into a fresh, energetic, and positive brand with the power to meet our destiny. His passion and commitment to quality are a part of us now, a guiding light on our mission and our future.
Edie Perkins, Executive Director
Kelly Brush Foundation

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