HER New York
Today’s fashion world is being revolutionized by mobile tailoring apps that use 3-D body mapping to create personalized measurement profiles. The technology has opened the door for bespoke tailoring to reach a wider audience than ever before.
Custom tailoring is a time-honored menswear tradition. HER New York seeks to bring that same legacy to women’s business attire. Empowered by the new technology, HER New York can translate its line of bespoke fashion into individually customized designs, with an unparalleled level of fit, precision and detail.
The HER brand is for the woman determined to define herself on her own terms, a woman who sees clothing as a statement she makes every day about her role in the world.
The new company needed an identity that would capture its edgy, energetic style and precision tailoring, in a way that would immediately set it apart from the sea of sameness that so many high-end fashion brands seem to be adopting.
We knew that the logotype had to be unconventional in both form and layout. We started with sharply cut edges on the horizontal and vertical axis. Then we slashed through those more traditional letterforms with entirely unexpected diagonal lines, connecting and transforming them into a unique, unified pattern not unlike the construction lines of custom tailoring.
The resulting linear contrast is as bold and surprising as the HER brand itself, imbued with a dynamic sense of direction and power. It’s a logotype that makes its own rules—an iconic statement that establishes the brand as a primal force of female empowerment.
HER New York now has a unique brand image that broadcasts bold self-confidence and fearless innovation, constrained only by its measured precision and ruthless attention to detail. When you see HER… you see a woman who lives life on her own terms, who stands up and speaks out with a style uniquely her own.
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