Form meets function

A former finance executive created this new-to-the-world product that fits snugly into pots and pans to prevent splatter while cooking. To introduce the product and support future growth, it was important to help consumers understand what the product was, and how to use it.
With such an innovative product – we thought it would be great to telegraph the product functionality through the logo design. We used the 'W' within the logotype to provide a visual representation of the splatter guard sitting inside the pan. Additionally, the thin typeface references the thin, flexible nature of the Frywall product itself.

Though the Frywall worked in large pans, we needed both retailers and potential customers to see how easily it could be packaged and/or stored. We designed a custom, re-useable sleeve that allowed the Frywall to be rolled up like a coffee cup and conveniently hung on a hook or stowed in small spaces.

In April 2017, NBC's "The Today Show" declared Frywall the winner of its "Next Big Thing" competition, landing the product a slot on QVC. It has been featured in gift guides from publications like the Los Angeles Times.
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