Spreading the love

CommuniGift (as it was originally named) had a bold vision – to change the world by inspiring the big hearts of little kids. Unlike typical monetary donations, this direct giving platform allowed users to purchase tangible items for a specific child in need. To inspire engagement, the brand needed to connect users to the true need while remaining fun, bright, and optimistic.

Everything about the brand was rooted in the joy of giving. The new name captured the feeling of making someone’s day while the visual identity boldly captured the concept of physical gifting. By making it easy for parents to share their values of compassion generosity with their children, we created a path for deep, ongoing relationships with the brand.

The logo playfully depicts the joys of gifting through bright playful stacked gift boxes. The company is imaginative, energetic, and always focused on the good of giving. The bright colors convey the true joy that is being shared while the transparency of the boxes convey the transparency of the process, where users can track their gift from the warehouse to the child in need. The friendly, all-caps typeface is as bold as the company’s mission, while its easy legibility and read-through are a nod to the simplicity of Daymaker’s giving process.

Brand strategy Sparkfire Ventures
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