Risk Management Reimagined.

CyGov is an internationally respected cyber technology company poised to introduce its new flagship platform, Centraleyes: the world’s most advanced cyber risk management platform ever developed, to address our ever-growing global cyber threat.

With continuous, live intelligence gathering from numerous data sources, Centraleyes can detect and assess multiple risks in a single view. By visualizing and simplifying cyber risk, Centraleyes allows clients to track and improve cyber defenses in a clear and measurable way. Centraleyes is, quite literally, risk management reimagined.
As a company repositioning itself for a future at the forefront of the cyber security industry, CyGov needed to make a strong, bold statement that reflects their radically new approach. The challenge was to create a brand identity as innovative and unique as the product itself.
The first step was to avoid the obvious. Many cybersecurity firms visualize a paramilitary look for their brand, harkening back to the early days of the industry. Others choose predictable imagery such as locks and keys, with the result that they look dated and overworked.

We chose to break away from the expected, with a precise geometric symbol as powerful and dynamic as the inner workings of Centraleyes itself.
The two basic elements—a circle and tapered strokes—create a simultaneous sense of stability and movement. The circle forms a lens-like focal point where data streams in and out in a continuous flow from the left-and right-moving strokes. The elegantly simple design visually communicates the core essence of Centraleyes: security and awareness through constant vigilance. This is further strengthened by center-aligning the symbol above the name, so that the lowercase “a” in Centraleyes echoes the open area within the circle.
Brand strategy BrandSinger
The typography has a universal line weight with a purposeful diagonal slant at the tops of the “t” and “l” following the same angle as the tapered strokes coming off the circle. This subtle, almost subliminal touch echoes the forward, upward force of the symbol itself, making the entire mark more cohesive and dynamic.
The color identity pushes the logo into a new spectrum while still complementing the mother company’s signature palette of magenta and dark blue. The fresher, more contemporary blue speaks to the high-tech digital era and further separates them from the competition.
Together, these design choices coalesce into a distinct new mark as memorable and iconic as Silicon Valley’s most legendary brands. An identity that faces toward the future, with a look as high-tech and cutting-edge as the product it represents: a revolutionary cyber tech platform standing at the forefront of cyber security.
“Working with Pencil Worx was an excellent experience. We went through a through, methodical process to first understand our company brand identity, and then to convert that into a visual identity which could communicate everything we are about in one single mark. The professional process and the end result Sam Ayling led us to, was on par with what I was accustomed to from my days leading the VISA brand in a number of global markets.”
Yair Solow, CEO & Co-Founder

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