Eat-in. Take-away. Burgers.

Midway between London and Brighton’s seaside resorts lies East Grinstead, a quaint West Sussex town turned hotspot for urbanites seeking escape from the crush. Centuries of locals still gather in its historic pubs to enjoy a pint and traditional country pub fare…but now they’re just as likely to be sitting out in the gardens alongside a trendy new breed of city transplants in search of a laid-back lifestyle.
But where in all this, one might ask, can anyone find a truly great burger and fries?
Where indeed. That was the question that prompted one East Grinstead local to answer it himself, by creating the area’s one source for a truly great burger to eat in or take away.
The vision was a small “bar stool and tabletop” environment with a menu of locally grown farm produce and meats. They needed a brand identity to match the friendly, unassuming atmosphere of a popular neighborhood hangout that simply served up the best burgers around.
Being a start-up without the benefit of outside investment, everything for the brand identity had to be delivered against an incredibly tight budget. We worked closely with the owner from Day One, guiding the project through early experimental development. We even dreamed up the name BRGR—short for burger, of course, but also a clever reference to the East GRinstead locale.

We fashioned a fresh new identity with a bright and bold color palette to echo the eatery’s casual digs. The BRGR logo with its stylized frame and grill-like letterforms convey a fresh, mouth-watering brand symbol. We used a series of stamps, dies, stencils and even a branding iron to create its gritty look. 
At night the BRGR sign lights up with warm tub lighting that beckons to passersby like a bright smile and friendly wave.
Our unique typography extended on to the menus, napkins, labels, and website design. To really bring home the neighborhood feel, we came up with the idea of naming their short list of burger creations after local friends that the owners had known for years.
The end result? The best BRGR place in town, of course. Just look for the red-and-white BRGR sign. You can’t miss it.
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