212 Track Club
Train Hard. Race Easy.
In 1970, a mere 55 runners crossed the first New York City Marathon finish line. Today, more than 100 running clubs have transformed the city’s thriving running scene into a diverse mix of coaching, community, and fierce competition throughout the five boroughs. It’s also given rise to an intense new form of tribal identity. Runners don’t just join a club because it’s geographically convenient. They choose a club that matches their style, their goals, even their social aspirations. The 212 Track Club seeks to carve out its own unique identity within that mix.

Every aspect of the identity communicates an urban athlete’s style that’s all about quiet confidence and serious cred, open to anyone willing to work at personal excellence. The bold, no-nonsense typography is upbeat and direct. The 212 Manhattan area code is flanked by horizontal strokes that evoke a running track lane, with the words TRACK and CLUB stepping out to the right to symbolize the leaders of the race. The simple, bold design is meant to stand out in the crowd, easily and immediately recognized in a field of runners racing by.

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